Neko Neko Cheesecake, a cheesecake specialty store for cat lovers, will be releasing their new “Fluffy Cat Cheesecake” tomorrow!


Neko Neko Cheesecake, a cheesecake store specializing in cat-shaped cheesecakes, will release its new product, “Fluffy Cat Cheesecake,” on April 22, 2021 (Thursday).

Fluffy cat cheesecake: 1,620 yen (tax included)

Fluffy cat cheesecake

The “Neko Neko Cheesecake,” which is popular for its adorable “cat-shaped” form and authentic cheesecake flavor, has been joined by the “Fluffy Cat Cheesecake” with a “fluffy” appearance. The “Fluffy Cat Cheesecake” has a “fluffy” appearance. The new “Fluffy Cat Cheesecake” has a “fluffy” appearance, and features a rich cream cheese batter layered with a refreshing cheese mousse for a gentle taste.

Also, when the “Fluffy Cat Cheesecake” is cut, two layers of cheese appear: rare cheese and baked cheese. By combining it with the sponge crumb on the outside and carrying it to your mouth, you can enjoy the “fluffy” outside and the “thick” inside at the same time.


Fluffy cat cheesecake: 1,620 yen (tax included)

【Release Date】 Apr 22 (Thu), 2021
【Store】 Stores selling Nekoneko Cheesecake nationwide
【Store in Osaka】 AEON MALL Osaka Dome City, AEON MALL Shijonawate, AEON MALL Dainichi, White-Umeda Store, AEON MALL RINKU Sennan, AEON MALL Sakai Teppo-cho, Abeno Q’s Mall Store