Nenrinka is releasing an autumn-only Baumkuchen called Mount Baum Mont Blanc!


The seasonal limited edition baumkuchen “Mount Baum Mont Blanc” from the baumkuchen specialty store “Nenrin-ya” will go on sale at all “Nenrin-ya” stores from September 10 (Fri.), 2021.

Nenrinka’s Autumn Limited Edition Baumkuchen “Mount Baum Mont Blanc”

“The “Mount Balm Mont Blanc” is an autumn specialty of Nenrinya, and many fans eagerly await its release every year. It is a baumkuchen that can only be savored during this season, with the delicious taste of chestnuts layered on top of the beautifully baked dough that resembles a mountain range in autumn.

Two kinds of Italian marron are kneaded into the dough to bring out the mild flavor and aroma of chestnuts, and Madagascar vanilla is added to give it a rich aroma and depth. Each bite of this richly flavored product will fill your mouth with the taste of Mont Blanc, reminding you of the coming of autumn.


Mount Baum Mont Blanc

【Sales Period】
<Official Online Shop> Orders will be accepted from August 31 (Tue), 2021 (10:00) to October 28 (Thu), 2021 (17:00).
<In-store> September 10 (Fri), 2021 – October 31 (Sun), 2021
【Store】 Official online store “Paq and Mog” and Tenrinya stores nationwide
【Store in Osaka】 Hankyu Umeda Store
【Address】 Hankyu Umeda Honten B1, 8-7 Kakuta-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka City, Osaka