New eco-bags featuring Studio Ghibli’s “My Neighbor Totoro” are now on sale at post offices nationwide.

A new eco-bag featuring Studio Ghibli’s “My Neighbor Totoro” will go on sale at post offices nationwide from June 18 (Fri.), 2021.

Totoro” appears when you lift the bag.

The new eco-bags based on the motif of “My Neighbor Totoro” come in two types: “Large Totoro Marche Eco-Bag” and “Medium Totoro Lunch Eco-Bag”. The bags are designed to be playful and even recreate the adorable Totoro’s “form” when you lift them up with your luggage.

The “Large Totoro Marche Eco Bag” can hold about 10 liters of luggage, and is a large capacity bag that can be used on days when you have done a lot of shopping. The “Medium Totoro Lunch Eco Bag” can hold a lunch box without tipping it over, making it ideal for small shopping trips. Both bags have convenient features such as an integrated pocket for folding and a string to prevent items from flying out.

Pouches and bells.

Other products available include the Little Totoro Ookuchi Pouch, which allows you to see what is inside, and the Kororin Netsuke (Large and Small Totoro), an accessory charm with a pleasant bell sound.


“My Neighbor Totoro” Items

【Release Date】 Jun 18 (Fri), 2021
【Store】 Post offices nationwide (about 3,000 stations), post office online stores
*For more information on post offices, please check the official website of Post Office Shopping Service Co.
*If you purchase from the “Post Office Online Shop,” you will be charged for postage in addition to the selling price.
【Price】 Large Totoro Marche Eco Bag: 1,980 yen, Medium Totoro Lunch Eco Bag: 1,650 yen, Small Totoro Ookuchi Pouch, 1,320 yen, Netsuke: Large Totoro and Small Totoro, 880 yen