New menu at Tully’s Coffee starting tomorrow! A Genovese with the appetizing aroma of basil will be available.


TULLY’S COFFEE has introduced a new pasta dish with the fresh aroma of basil picked in the morning to whet your appetite! The new menu item, “Genovese with Morning-Picked Basil from Hyogo Prefecture,” will go on sale on Wednesday, March 9.

Basil harvested in the morning and by hand

Tully’s Coffee offers pasta as a food menu that satisfies those who want to spend a relaxing time with coffee as well as those who want a quick, solid meal.

The new “Hyogo Prefecture Morning Picked Basil Genovese” is prepared with a sauce made from basil harvested in the morning and hand-picked in Hyogo Prefecture. The rich aroma of this Genovese pasta can be fully enjoyed.

Delicious and satisfying even for Genovese lovers!

The basil pesto is made from fresh basil that is hand-picked in the morning and processed the same day of harvest or the next day while it is still fresh to maximize its aroma for use in the sauce.

The sauce is then mixed with a secret ingredient of two types of nut paste, cashews and almonds, to create a pasta with the fresh and refreshing flavor characteristic of basil, but with a mild, rich taste.

The chicken, diced potatoes cut into large pieces, and zucchini also give the dish a satisfying texture that will satisfy even the most discerning Genovese lover.

They’re also doing a Tom and Jerry collaboration.

The “Tom & Jerry x TULLY’S” collaboration has also begun, blending the world of Tom & Jerry with “cherry blossoms” to bring an early taste of spring. Cherry blossom-scented drinks and food items, as well as limited items with Tom & Jerry designs, will be available one after another!
Have fun with Tom and Jerry anytime, anywhere.


Genovese with basil picked in the morning from Hyogo Prefecture

【Release Date】 Mar. 9 (Wed), 2022
【Pries】 Single item: 803 yen (tax included), set: 1,023 yen (tax included)
【Store】 Tully’s coffee nationwide

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