New Pokemon Eevee Ichiban Kuji Lottery! Lineup includes starry sky-themed items.

Ichiban Kuji Lottery Pokemon Eevee & Starlight Night” will be available at bookstores, TSUTAYA, animate, hobby stores, game centers, drug stores, Pokemon Center, and Ichiban Kuji Lottery official stores starting Saturday, March 19, 2022!

Mature and kawaii design with a starry sky theme

Prize A is an Eevee plushie with a starry sky-like ribbon, while Prize B is an Eevee plushie posed as if jumping on a star. Prize C is an Eevee room light, the first in the Ichiban Kuji Lottery. Prize D is a round rug mat featuring Eevee and her friends. This item is sure to brighten up any room with a starry sky. In addition to the above, there is a scarf with a cute and mature design, a glass collection with an image of a twinkling starry sky, a hand towel with your choice of five different designs, and metal charms of the Eevees, all of which are designed using artwork never seen before in the Ichiban Kuji Lottery.

Last One Award

ch can be obtained by drawing the last piece, is an Eevee cushion with a cute pose like sleeping on the moon. A double chance campaign to win a cushion with the same specifications as the last one prize will also be conducted!


Ichiban Kuji Lottery Pokemon Eevee & Starlight Night

【Release Date】 Scheduled to go on sale on March 19, 2022 (Saturday)
【Price】 650 yen (Tax included) / 1 drawing
【Number of prize】 Total 8 grades, 25 kinds + last one prize
【Store】 Bookstores, TSUTAYA, animate, hobby stores, and Game centers, drugstores, Pokémon centers, and Official Ichiban Kuji Lottery stores, etc.

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