New Puma Suede model made in Japan

PUMA has released its new sneakers, the Suede VTG MIJ SGS, which will be available from February 18 (Fri.), 2022, at some PUMA stores and other retailers.

Suede VTG MIJ SGS 20,350 yen

New “Puma Suede” model made in Japan

Puma’s new sneakers, “Suede VTG MIJ SGS,” are part of the “MIJ Collection,” a “Made in Japan” model of the famous “Puma Suede” shoes produced at a factory in Japan. It is a collection that allows you to fully feel the appeal of Japanese-origin materials and the craftsmanship of the artisans. The silhouette is based on the “Suede Vintage”, a reprint of the “Puma Suede” that was produced in the former Yugoslavia from 1979 to the mid-1980s.

First use of “silky goat suede” with beautiful fur

The biggest attraction of the new Suede VTG MIJ SGS is that the upper is made of silky goat suede, the first goat leather in the history of the Puma Suede. The leather is produced in Himeji, Japan’s largest leather industry region, and is characterized by its thinness, lightness, and softness. The silky goat suede is carefully molded so that its beautiful fur and smooth touch are not lost.

The flowing foam strips on the sides are made of cowhide “steer smooth leather”. The insole is a cup insole that conforms to the round shape of the foot for a better fit. Two colors are available, green and black.


Puma new sneakers “Suede VTG MIJ SGS

【Release Date】 Feb. 18 (Fri), 2022
【Store】 Some Puma stores, Puma official online store, some stores that carry the product
【Suggested retail price】 20,350 yen
【Sizing】 23 – 30 cm

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