New Starbucks goods on sale, including a polka dot mug with a “rabbit” on it, zodiac sign and daruma mugs, and a fluffy rabbit pouch!

Starbucks (Starbucks) will release its first new winter season merchandise at Starbucks stores nationwide on Monday, December 26, 2022.

Mugs and bottles with “Rabbit” motifs

The first winter season goods will feature “Rabbit,” the zodiac sign for the year of the rabbit in 2023. Adorable bottles, mugs, and sundries featuring three rabbits that love coffee cherries will be available.

Three-dimensional rabbit mug

The center of attention is a mug with a three-dimensional rabbit motif. The dotted mug comes with a rabbit-shaped lid, and when the lid is attached, you can enjoy the charming look of a whipped rabbit resting in the mug. Mocha Rabbit heat-resistant glasses with drooping ears and Ratella Rabbit mugs with large round glasses are also available in the store.

Heat-resistant glass mug moka rabbit 296ml 2,600 yen

Year-end and New Year’s classic Daruma mugs and zodiac sign mugs and canisters are also available.

The Daruma mug, which has been a staple of the year-end and New Year’s holiday lineup, is now available in a design featuring the three Rabbit sisters. The whipped rabbit clad in bright red, the green-colored latte rabbit, and the gold-toned brown.

The zodiac mug also features a three-dimensional rabbit face. The canister, designed in conjunction with the zodiac mug, has a playful design with a bearista in a rabbit costume on the lid.

Fluffy Rabbit Pouch & Bearista dressed as a rabbit

In addition, there will be a Fluffy Pouch with the exact expression of a moka rabbit taking a comfortable nap, a bottle decorated with a rabbit wearing a Starbucks green bow tie and sprinkled with sparkling confetti, and a mini Bearista dressed as a fluffy white rabbit.


Starbucks Winter Season 1 Merchandise
We Are Starbucks Coffee Rabbits~living somewhere in coffee tree forests~

【New Release Date】 Monday, December 26, 2022
【Store】 Starbucks stores nationwide (excluding some stores), online store