New sweets “Honey Bouquet” from LeBRESSO, a bread specialty store x coffee stand!


LeBRESSO, a bread specialty store x coffee stand, introduces a new sweet treat, “Honey Bouquet,” available at all stores from Monday, August 1, 2022. It’s picture-perfect, delicious to eat, and just right for when you’re feeling peckish!

LeBRESSO’s new sweet toast “Honey Bouquet”

“LeBRESSO” offers popular bread baked in the store’s oven, coffee brewed by baristas, and a variety of café menu items. The newest addition to the menu, “Honey Bouquet,” is a new type of sweet toast that can also be eaten while walking around.

(From left to right) Summer-only “Rich Ripe Mango” 960 yen, “Plain Honey Toast” 780 yen, Summer-only “Korotto Juicy Melon” 960 yen

Bite-sized honey toast & milk ice cream

Inside the flower bouquet-inspired cup are bite-sized pieces of honey toast soaked in butter and honey, and cold milk ice cream. The honey toast, made from carefully selected bread, is intertwined with the vanilla ice cream, creating a simple yet deeply flavored dish.

Melon & Mango summer flavors

It is also available as two summer-only flavors: “Gorotto Juicy Melon,” which combines fresh, juicy seasonal melon, and “Thick Ripe Mango,” which is a taste of juicy, ripe mango.


LeBRESSO “Honey Toast Bouquet”

【Release Date】 Monday, August 1, 2022
【Store】 All LeBRESSO stores (main store, Grand Front Osaka store, Meguro Musashikoyama store, Kiba Koen-mae store, Kanazawa Teraji store, Hiroshima Fukuromachi store)
【Official Website】