New ticket gate on the west side of Osaka Station, adjacent 120-meter-high station building and elevated commercial zone to open by spring of 2027.

Osaka Station will be extended to the west and a new ticket gate will open in the summer of 2024. A station building adjacent to the new ticket gate and an elevated commercial zone will open in the surrounding area. The station building is scheduled to open in the fall of 2024, followed by the elevated commercial zone and bus terminal by the spring of 2027.

Redevelopment of the west side of Osaka Station, new station building & elevated commercial zone

The Osaka Station area is currently undergoing integrated urban development centered on the west side of Osaka Station, including the Umekita 2nd District Development Plan, the Tokaido Line branch line undergrounding and new station installation project, and the Umeda 3-chome Project (tentative name). As a part of the redevelopment project, JR West will promote a new redevelopment of Osaka Station, the largest terminal station in western Japan, to make it a base suitable for the “Gateway to Osaka”.

Extension of Osaka Loop Line platforms to ease platform congestion

The new ticket gate will serve as a new gate to the west side of Osaka Station, creating a smooth access route. The Osaka Loop Line platform will be extended to the west, and maintenance on the platform will be relocated and consolidated under the elevated railway tracks to reduce congestion and improve safety on the platform. Furthermore, elevators and escalators will be installed between the new ticket gates and each platform.

New station building 120 meters high

The adjacent new station building will have one basement floor, 23 floors above ground, and a height of approximately 120 meters. The first and second floors will feature a plaza and station concourse, the third to fifth floors will be a commercial zone, and the fifth floor and above will be an office zone that will serve as a new hub for business activities.

Commercial zone & bus terminal under the elevated railway

Around the new ticket gate, a commercial zone will be established to meet the various needs of users. In addition, a bus terminal will be built under the elevated railway tracks to further enhance the transportation function of Osaka Station.

Redevelopment details and opening schedule

◆ Elevated development
Total floor space: approx. 7,000 square meters
Retail area: approx. 3,000 sq.m.
Use: Commercial, bus terminal, etc.

◆ New station building
Total floor area: approx. 59,000 sqm
Leased office space: approx. 23,000 sqm
Configuration: 23 floors above ground and 1 basement floor, approximately 120 meters high
Use: Office, retail, etc.

【Main Schedule】
Spring 2023: Umekita (Osaka) underground station opens, new ticket gates tentatively open
Summer 2024: New ticket gates open for service
Autumn 2024: New station building opens
Sequentially until spring 2027: Elevated commercial zone and bus terminal open

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