Next week, one of Japan’s largest seafood festivals, “Fish Japan Fest,” will be held at Expo ’70 Commemorative Park!

The 1st Fish Japan Fest 2022 in Banpaku Kinen Park n(Expo ’70 Commemorative Park), a gourmet festival specializing in seafood, will be held at Banpaku Kinen Park (Expo ’70 Commemorative Park) in Osaka for three days from May 27 (Fri.) to 29 (Sun.), 2022.

Japan’s largest seafood festival “Sakana (Fish) Japan Fest” first in Kansai

The “Fish Japan Fest,” which will be held for the first time in the Kansai region, is one of the largest fish-eating events in Japan, where visitors can enjoy seafood gourmet dishes from all over Japan. A variety of menus featuring fresh seafood will be on sale, including seafood rice bowls, traditional fisherman’s rice from various regions, and local gourmet foods made from local specialties.

Kobore Ikura Donburi (Spilled Salmon Roe and Salmon Roe over Bowl of Rice)”

Specialty seafood dishes from all over Japan

About 40 booths from all over Japan gathered at the venue. The “Kobore Ikura Donburi (Kobore Ikura Umikoshi),” which is served without regard to profitability, “Luxury Tuna Tri-color Donburi (Kuroshio Ichiba),” in which you can compare the o-toro, chutoro, and akami of fatty tuna, “Gokai Kani-Don (Asahide Suisan),” in which crab meat and claws are generously laid on top, “Grilled Ezo Abalone (Hokkaido Harvest),” which is considered the best abalone in the world and is carefully grilled, and many other local specialties. The restaurant offers a variety of local specialties such as “Yaki Ezo Abalone (Hokkaido Harvest),” which is carefully grilled Ezo abalone, one of the most delicious abalone in all of Japan.

Grilled Ezo Abalone (Hokkaido Harvest)

Taste Fukushima’s “Jobanmono” in the “Discover! Fukushima” area

In the “Discover! Fukushima” area offers dishes using “Jobanmono” seafood caught off the coast of Fukushima Prefecture, a rich fishing ground where the Oyashio and Kuroshio currents meet. Among them, the “Zenzumari Mega,” a bowl of rice topped with flatfish, conger eel, whitebait, maple salmon, tuna negitoro, and salmon roe, is a dish that allows you to fully enjoy the appeal of “Jobanmono” seafood.

Giant paella, shellfish special, and sake comparison!

Other booths, each with its own unique character, include the “El Toragon” booth, which cooks 200 servings at once in a giant paella pot 1.5 meters in diameter; the “Okawa Fish Store,” which focuses on large and sweet hokki clams; and the “Fukushima Sake Brewers Cooperative,” where visitors can enjoy a comparison of local sake from Fukushima, bringing the authentic The booths will bring visitors authentic tastes of the region.

Johban no ikasumi paella


The 1st SAKANA&JAPAN FESTIVAL 2022 in Expo ’70 Commemorative Park

【Date & Time】 (Time of the event is scheduled)
・May 27 (Fri) 9:30 – 17:00
・May 28 (Sat) 9:30 – 17:00
・May 29 (Sun) 9:30 – 17:00
【Location】 Expo ’70 Commemorative Park, Festival Plaza (Suita City, Osaka Prefecture)
【Admission Fee】 Advance tickets 250 yen, day-of-performance tickets 300 yen, free for university students and younger
*Expo Park entrance fee, food and beverage are not included.
【Payment Method】 Cash or electronic money (Suica, PASMO, etc.)