niko and … and Izakaya collaborate to sell nostalgic goods such as public bathhouse locker-style key chains and T-shirts for a limited time only!

niko and … will hold “Neo Izakaya,” a series of collaborative items with izakaya (Japanese-style pubs), from June 24, 2022 (Friday) to mid-August at some NICO AND TOKYO stores and other NICO AND stores. *Izakaya=Tavern

Collaboration with izakaya “Unhealthy Land” and “Tokyo Dumpling Club”.

During the “Neo Izakaya” exhibition, items in collaboration with izakayas such as “Unhealthy Land” and “Tokyo Gyoza Club” will be available in the store.

Public bathhouse locker key” style key chains, etc.

In addition to a lineup of T-shirts and hats printed with the pop signage logos and icons of both stores, the unique lineup includes key chains and coasters that look like public bathhouse locker keys, and vinyl bags that can be used in spas and saunas, in reference to the “unhealthy land,” a bar in a converted public bathhouse.

The store has a nostalgic retro feel, but at the same time, it has a new and modern atmosphere.

Non-alcoholic drinks in collaboration with Kodama Sour

In addition, the café/restaurant will sell “Fruits Kodama Sour,” a non-alcoholic drink arranged from the “Kodama Sour” that has long been loved in downtown Tokyo and popular taverns. Three flavors are available: Vice Sour, Lemon Sour, and Green Apple Sour.

Only at the Yokohama Bay Quarter store, the Fruit Kodama Sour is served by the glass, and can be enjoyed as an alcoholic drink when ordered with Sharikin, which is frozen Kimmiya shochu together with the Fruit Kodama Sour.

Canned Snack, hoppies, and candy

In addition, canned snacks such as “Can Tsuma (Snack),” a canned snack, “Hoppy,” a staple of the downtown area, and a variety of old-fashioned candy will be available for purchase. niko and …Tokyo will also feature a “Can Tsuma Gacha” (canned snacks gacha), where customers can “look forward to what they can get”. The store will be decorated with noren (traditional Japanese blinds), chochin (Japanese lanterns), and drunken-looking mannequins to create the atmosphere of a real izakaya.


niko and … “Neo Izakaya”

【Event Period】 June 24 (Fri), 2022 – mid-August *Varies by store.
【Store】 niko and … AEON MALL Asahikawa Nishi, LaLaport Tokyo Bay, Tokyo, Yokohama Bay Quarter, AEON MALL Hakusan, Mozo Wonder City, Kobe Harbor Land Umie, LaLaport Fukuoka,
official web store .st (dot est)
*Items and contents may vary by store.

■ Kodama Sour Collaboration Menu
【Store】 niko and … Tokyo, Mozo Wonder City, Kobe Harbor Land Umie, LaLaport Fukuoka, AEON MALL Hakusan, Yokohama Bay Quarter
【Menu】 Fruit Kodama Sour – eat-in 480 yen, take-out 471 yen
*Yokohama Bay Quarter branch is 638 yen (served by the glass). +Order “Sharikin” for +110 yen, served as an alcoholic beverage.

Canned Snack Gacha (Toy Capsul)
【Sales Period】 June 24 (Fri) – July 31 (Sun), 2022
【Store】 niko and … Tokyo nationwide
【Price】 1 time 500 yen
【Types】 12 types in total