Nine pieces of Original Chicken! The “Mother’s Day Barrel” will be available at Kentucky for three days only!


The “Mother’s Day Barrel” will be available at Kentucky Fried Chicken stores nationwide for three days only from May 7 (Fri.) to 9 (Sun.). In addition, in-store reservations can be made at stores starting Wednesday, April 21.

Mother’s Day Barrel

The “Mother’s Day Barrel” contains a generous nine pieces of “Original Chicken. It will be offered at a special price of 1,900 yen and can be reserved at stores from April 21 (Wed.). Also, when you purchase the “Mother’s Day Barrel”, you can buy as many as three “Caramel Pies” or three “Fries (S)” for a special price of 390 yen each.


Mother’s Day Barrel

【Sales Period】 May 7 (Fri) – May 9 (Sun), 2021
【In-store reservation period】 Apr 21 (Wed) – May 6 (Thu), 2021
【Store】 KFC nationwide
【Price】 1,900 yen (Original Chicken 9 peace included)
*When you buy a Mother’s Day Barrel, you can purchase any number of 3 Caramel Pies or 3 Potatoes (S) for 390 yen, both of which are available in limited quantities.
*The “Barrel” is KFC’s original barrel-shaped package.