Oh, It’s so cute. Puchin Pudding is now in the shape of a cherry blossom!


Puchin Pudding in the shape of cherry blossoms is now available in limited quantities. The product will go on sale nationwide today, Monday, March 7, 2022.

Cherry blossom shaped pudding

The containers of the popular Puchin Pudding products “Big Puchin Pudding” and “Plant-Born Big Puchin Pudding” have been transformed into a “cherry blossom” shape. The bottom of the container has been deformed into the shape of a cherry blossom, and when the pudding is “puckered” on a plate, a spring-like Puchin Pudding appears.

The development of the new pudding took about five years due to the difficulty of faithfully reproducing the shape of cherry petals and selecting the right container. The Big Puchin Pudding has a rich, milky flavor, while the plant-based Big Puchin Pudding has a gentle sweetness made only from plant ingredients.


Big Puchin Pudding” and “Plant-Born Big Puchin Pudding” (limited package)

【Release Date】 Mar. 7 (Mon), 2022
【Price】 Around 152 yen
【Store】 Supermarkets and mass merchandisers nationwide

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