Oimo-ya Kiiro to Murasaki, a sweet potato sweets specialty store, opens today in Minamimorimachi!


In recent years, sweet potato sweets have been slowly gaining momentum. The most popular sweet potato sweets store, “O-Imoya Kiiro to Murasaki,” will open in Minami-Morimachi, Osaka on Monday, April 5.

Three kinds of baked potatoes

The store’s baked sweet potatoes come in three varieties: Premium Beniharu, which is sweet and matured; Silk Sweet, which has a silky texture; and Fukumurasaki, a purple sweet potato with a sugar content comparable to Beniharu.

Sweet potato sweets galore!

In addition to baked sweet potatoes, sweet potato sweets are also available.

Potato + 4 kinds of fresh cream + bean jam “Imo Nama-Dora”

Refreshing “Yakiimo Mont Blanc” with apple gelée

The lineup includes the “Oimo Pudding” with two layers of sweet potato pudding and cream, and the “Oimo Soft” which offers a marriage of sweet potato and ice cream. Most of the menu items are also available for takeout. It’s also easy to pick up as a small souvenir.


Oimoya “Kiiro to Murasaki”

【Opening Date】 Apr 5 (Mon), 2021
【Address】 Tenma Garden 1F, 3-4-14 Tenjinbashi, Kita-ku, Osaka City, Osaka