On a hot day, take a stroll through the special garden with a fantastic sea of clouds!

Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo will hold a summer-only garden production “Super Unkai” from July 3rd (Monday) to September 18th (Monday / holiday), 2023.

“Tokyo Unkai” where “a sea of clouds appears in the garden”

One of Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo’s specialties, “Tokyo Sea of Clouds,” is a reproduction of the “sea of clouds,” which is created when various conditions such as weather conditions overlap, through the production of fog. You can of course look down on the scenery from the building, but you can also get off in the garden where the fantastic view of the sea of clouds spreads out and experience a special garden walk.

Evolved into “Super Unkai” with double the amount of mist only in summer!

In the “Super Cloud Sea”, which is a summer-only production, the amount of mist sprayed is doubled. The dense fog creates more three-dimensional clouds than ever before, creating a dynamic sea of clouds that looks like an ink painting.

Also, from midnight to early morning, the “Super Sea of Clouds” appears, with the amount of fog increased to four times the normal amount. You can enjoy a refreshing feeling even in the hot summer if you visit famous spots such as Gojo Falls, Hotaru Sawa, and Yusuike, where you can feel the coolness of the scenery and sounds of the water while being wrapped in fog.

Super Unkai

There are also limited sweets in the image of “Super Unkai”

In addition, at the hotel shop “Selections”, the sale of sweets “Tokyo Unkai Zukotto ~ Lemon no Kaori ~” inspired by “Super Unkai” has started. The ricotta cheese cassata cream is wrapped in a fluffy white sponge and finished with chantilly cream that looks like a “super cloud sea”. The lemon cream hidden inside adds a refreshing acidity, making it a perfect dish for summer.

“Tokyo Sea of Clouds Zukot ~ Lemon Fragrance ~” 900 yen


Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo “Super Unkai”

【Period】 Monday, July 3, 2023 to September 18, 2023 (Monday/holiday)
【Scheduled Time】 11:10、14:10、16:10、18:10、20:10
*”Super Sea of Clouds” appears at 7:10, 22:10, and 22:40. During other times of the day, the usual “Tokyo Sea of Clouds” will appear.
【Place】 Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo (2-10-8 Sekiguchi, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo)
【Official Website】 https://hotel-chinzanso-tokyo.jp/