Onitsuka Tiger’s fluffy Onitsuka Tiger stripes and bright red insole “rabbit” inspired sneakers are now on sale!

New unisex sneakers “MEXICO 66” commemorating the 2023 zodiac “Year of the Rabbit” from Onitsuka Tiger will be sold at select Onitsuka Tiger stores.

Icon sneaker “Mexico 66” arranged with a rabbit motif

The new shoes commemorating the Year of the Rabbit are based on Onitsuka Tiger’s iconic sneaker “Mexico 66” and have been updated with special specifications with a rabbit motif.

Onitsuka Tiger stripes with faux fur reminiscent of a fluffy rabbit are placed on the soft cream upper. In addition, the bright red insole with the letters “2023” is also a design point.

“Mexico 66” 15,400 yen

In addition to unisex sizes, this sneaker is also available in 17.0 to 22.0 cm and 12.0 to 16.0 cm “Mexico 66 Kids”. Matching outfits for parents and children are also possible.

“Mexico 66 Kids” (12.0-16.0cm) 6,600 yen


“Mexico 66” year of the rabbit model 15,400 yen

【Release Date】 Wednesday, December 28, 2022
【Store】 Some Onitsuka Tiger stores, Onitsuka Tiger official website
【Size】 22.5~29.0cm、30.0cm、31.0cm