Only here in the world! All-you-can-drink Japanese tea beer and cocktails! Book your matcha beer garden now!


The “Matcha Beer Garden”, which is full of matcha, is being held from May 10 (Wednesday) to September 30 (Saturday), 2023 at the Japanese tea restaurant “Restaurant 1899 Ochanomizu” in Ochanomizu, Tokyo.

“Matcha Beer Garden” with “exhausted tea” in Ochanomizu, Tokyo

“Matcha Beer Garden” is a fun beer garden with a new sensation of “beer x matcha”. You can enjoy matcha beer and various tea dishes at the open terrace seats of the Japanese tea restaurant “Restaurant 1889 Ochanomizu” in Ochanomizu.

All-you-can-drink matcha beer and Japanese tea cocktails

All-you-can-drink drinks made with a variety of Japanese teas at the Matcha Beer Garden. In addition to “Matcha Beer,” which is a perfect match between the bitterness of beer and the bitterness of matcha, the lineup includes “Matcha Dark Beer” and “Hojicha Dark Beer.”

Don’t miss the 5 kinds of tea cocktails. Refreshing drinks perfect for summer, such as “Matcha Wine”, a wine cocktail that blends white wine from France and Uji Matcha, “Matcha Fizz” where you can enjoy the refreshing flavor of matcha and lemon, and “Sencha Midori Gin Soda” with a refreshing and light taste. You can enjoy a refreshing drink.

There are also four types of non-alcoholic Japanese tea mocktails that even people who don’t like alcohol can enjoy. “Matcha Cola” and “Hojicha Apple” that combine the royal road with the royal road will be developed.

Tea dishes that go well with sake

The food is full of tea dishes that go well with sake. Green tea roasted chicken with salsa sauce, green tea-flavored mentaiko penne, which is ideal for snacks “Ocha-mami set”, pork fillet covered with roasted tea and slowly roasted at low temperature “pork fillet” There are many menus unique to Japanese tea restaurants, such as “Hojicha Roast” and “Sencha Roast Beef”.

Pork fillet with Hojicha roast 1,100 yen

Finish off with plenty of matcha sweets

There are also plenty of tea sweets that are perfect for finishing the meal. Among them, the “Ocha Parfait” is a parfait where you can enjoy the combination of various matcha sweets and Japanese sweetness, such as layered rich dark tea ice cream and homemade matcha pudding.

Tea parfait 1,400 yen


Matcha Beer Garden

【Period】 May 10 (Wednesday) to September 30 (Saturday), 2023
【Restaurant】 Restaurant 1899 Ochanomizu
【Address】 3-4 Kanda Surugadai, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo (Hotel Ryumeikan Ochanomizu Main Store 1F)
・Part 1 17:00 / 17:15 / 17:30 / 17:45 / 18:00
・Part 2 19:30/19:45/20:00
*Closed for dinner on Sundays and public holidays
【Price】 3,500 yen (all-you-can-drink, 120 minute seating)
【Reservation】 Online
【Official Website】