Only this summer! Only in Japan! Get your special Lindt drink now!


Lindt will release “Lindt Dark -Matcha in the Sky-Chocolate Drink” from April 10, 2023 (Monday) at Lindt Chocolate Boutiques & Cafes nationwide for a limited time.

Matcha × white chocolate chocolate drink

“Lindt Dark -Matcha in the Sky-Chocolate Drink” A limited-time chocolate drink from spring to early summer where you can enjoy the harmony of matcha and white chocolate. Linz’s original “Tenku no Matcha (Matcha in the Sky)”, which is made from 100% of the first bancha of the rare variety “Okumidori”, is used lavishly to highlight the rich aroma and flavor of matcha. The bottom of the drink is garnished with rich matcha cream, adding a creamy and plump texture.

In addition, the side of the cup is decorated with chocolate deco sauce that looks like tea leaves, and the surface is topped with white chocolate with matcha art that beautifully expresses Mt. Fuji and Suruga Bay. It looks like a bright cup.

Lindt Dark -Tenku no Matcha (Matcha in the sky)- Chocolate Drink 780 yen

Macaron “Delice” using “Tenku no Matcha”

In addition, Linz Chocolate Boutique & Cafe will also offer macarons “Delice” using “Tenku no Matcha (Matcha in the Sky)”. You can enjoy the luxurious taste of matcha with plenty of ganache made with “Tenku no Matcha (Matcha in the Sky)” and white chocolate.


“Lindt Dark – Matcha in the Sky – Chocolate Drink” 780 yen

【Sales Period】 April 10, 2023 (Monday) – May 31, 2023 (Wednesday)
【Store】 Linz Chocolat Boutiques & Cafes nationwide
【Official Website】