“Osaka: A Feast of Lights 2021”

The “Osaka Light Festival 2021” will be held from November 3, 2021 (Wed.) to January 31, 2022 (Mon.) along Midosuji Avenue from Hanshin-mae Intersection to Namba West Exit Intersection and around Nakanoshima in Osaka Prefecture.

Osaka Feast of Lights, a Winter Festival, to be Held Again in 2021

Osaka Feast of Lights”, one of the most popular winter events in Osaka, will be held again in 2021. The entire Midosuji area, the main street of Osaka, will be fantastically decorated with light. The core programs will be the annual “Midosuji Illumination 2021” and “OSAKA Hikari Renaissance 2021.

Midosuji Illumination 2021, a 4km-long path of light

Midosuji Illumination 2021, which is so large that it was certified as a world record in January 2015, is a 4km-long light path where you can enjoy six different illuminations of varying brightness and color.

From Hanshin-mae to Umeda-shin-michi is “Water City Blue,” from Umeda-shin-michi to the north end of Ohe Bridge is “Cherry Blossom Color,” from Yodoyabashi to Kyutaromachi 3 is “Blue Mix From Yodoyabashi to Kyutaracho 3, “Blue Mix”; from Kyutaracho 3 to Shinbashi, the intersection of Nagahori Dori, “Cherry Blossom Color Mix”; from Shinbashi, lined with luxury brand boutiques, to Namba, “Gold Mix”; and from Namba, “Cherry Blossom Color Mix”. From Shinbashi to Namba, which is lined with luxury brand boutiques, there will be a “gold mix” and a “cherry blossom mix,” and from Namba to the west exit of Namba, there will be a “purple mix.

“NAMBA” “Photo Monument” and “Children’s Gallery” exhibited on trees.

The “NAMBA” “Photo Monument” will be set up against the background of the purple mix illumination in the Namba area, which was popular in 2019. In addition, elementary school students from the Midosuji area will display “Children’s Gyarari,” designs on papier-mâché tigers, Osaka’s traditional papier-mâché toys, in about 400 locations along Midosuji.

OSAKA Hikari Renaissance 2021″ to be held in Nakanoshima

Along with the “Midosuji Illumination 2021,” the 19th “OSAKA Hikari Renaissance 2021” is another noteworthy event. Inspired by the word “renaissance,” which means rebirth (Re: again + naissance: birth), the event will present a light program that takes advantage of the waterfront scenery of Nakanoshima, the symbol of the aquatic city of Osaka.

Illuminated facade of Osaka City Hall

The front facade of Osaka City Hall will be illuminated with the logo of “Osaka: A Feast of Lights”. Based on the concept of “expanding ties,” the octagonal lights represent the connections between people.

Nakanoshima Illumination Street

The Nakanoshima Illumination Street, which lights up the Miotsukushi Promenade, is an illumination street lined with zelkova trees about 150 meters long. It envelops the area with romantic lights that set the mood for Christmas.

Photo monument in front of Osaka City Hall

The photo monument that has been installed in front of Osaka City Hall every year and has been well received has been reborn. In reference to the octagonal shape of the illuminated façade of Osaka City Hall, the Chinese character for “Osaka” is expressed on the background of a framework made up of multiples of eight.

Photo monument in front of Osaka City Hall (image)

RE-YOU STREET” on Nakanoshima Street

The pedestrian space on Nakanoshima-dori named “RE-YOU STREET” consists of three contents: “WALL ALONG”, “SAMPO_MAPP”, and “LIGHT NAISSANCE”. In “WALL ALONG,” a record of your walk, i.e., a human shadow, overlaps with someone walking behind you and is projected on the wall of the Museum of Oriental Ceramics.

The “Sampo Map” is an art program for parents and children to enjoy, in which children’s drawings in the “Children’s Book Forest Nakanoshima” are projected onto a projection mapping screen. In “Lightness”, you can enjoy a pop and gorgeous space with music, voice-activated objects, and lights.


After passing through the illumination street, the “Soothing Light” spreads out. Here, the color of the ground changes in conjunction with Nakanoshima Street, creating a space that makes you want to keep walking each time the color changes.


“Osaka: A Feast of Lights 2021
【Event Period】 Nov. 3 (Wed, Holiday), 2021 – Jan 31 (Mon), 2022
【Location】 Osaka Prefecture

“Midosuji Illumination 2021”
【Event Period】 Nov. 3 (Wed, Holiday) – Dec. 31 (Fri), 2021
【Light-up time】 17:00 – 23:00
【Location】 Midosuji (Hanshin-mae intersection ~ Nambanishi intersection)