PABLO mini’s new product is a crispy cheese tart with hojicha and white bean paste cream from Kyoto!


PABLO mini, a freshly baked cheese tart specialty store, has introduced a new product called “Kyoto Hojicha”, which will be available at all PABLO mini and PABLO stores from the first day of the new year in January 2022 until April 30, 2022 (Saturday).

Hojicha from Kyoto Prefecture: 300 yen

Cheese tart made with the rich aroma of hojicha

The “Hojicha from Kyoto” is a cheese tart that uses a lavish amount of hojicha from Kitagawa Hanbei Shoten, a long-established tea wholesaler with a history of over 150 years in Uji, Kyoto.

A special cream made of slowly roasted hojicha tea and white bean paste is squeezed generously onto the slightly browned cheese tart. The rich flavor of the hojicha tea and the rich cheese are a perfect match. It is a perfect harmony of Japanese and Western tastes.


Hojicha from Kyoto Prefecture Cheese Tart

【Sales Period】 January 2022 New Year’s first sales day – April 30, 2022 (Saturday)
【Price】 300 yen
【Store】 Freshly baked cheese tart specialty store Pablo Mini All stores / All Pavlo stores specializing in freshly baked cheese tarts (cafe menu and take-out)
【Store in Osaka】 Shinsaibashi Main Store / Lala port Izumi