Panasonic Beauty launches the “Nano Care” hair dryer, a compact and lightweight model with “long-lasting hair color and UV care”!

Panasonic Beauty has launched the new “Hair Dryer Nano Care EH-NA0J” on Thursday, September 1, 2022.

New hair dryer in Panasonic Beauty “Nano Care” lineup

Panasonic Beauty’s popular “Nano Care” hair dryer joins the latest model. While maintaining the advantages of the “Nano Care” hair dryer, which can take care of hair just by drying it, the new model has been updated in terms of size and functionality.

Compact and lightweight model with “high penetration nanoe

Characteristic is its compact size and lightweight design; it is a higher-end model than the EH-NA0G hair dryer with high-penetration nanoe, which was launched in 2021.

Your favorite hair color lasts longer

The new EH-NA0J also features “UV and friction damage care” and “hair color fading control” functions. By simply drying the hair, the cuticle adhesiveness is improved, preventing color from running out and making it easier for your favorite hair color to last longer. At the same time, you can also expect friction damage care for hair caused by brushing and UV care effects with mineral negative ion.

Choice of 3 colors

Despite its compact size, it delivers the “largest airflow in the history of nanocare” at 1.6 cubic meters/minute. Equipped with “high-penetration nanoe” that moisturizes not only the surface of the hair but also the inside of the hair, this model is sure to bring amazing moisture and smoothness to the hair.

It is available in three colors: deep navy, lavender pink, and warm white.


Panasonic Beauty “Hair Dryer Nano Care EH-NA0J”

【Release Date】 September 1, 2022
【Price】 39,000 yen
【Color】 Deep navy, lavender pink, warm white
【Store】 Authorized dealers of Panasonic home appliances, Amazon, Etc.