Pastel, famous for its smooth pudding, will be releasing strawberry sweets this weekend!


Strawberry sweets from the sweet brand Pastel will go on sale from January 7, 2022 (Fri.).

Pastel, the maker of “Smooth Pudding,” presents a new sweet using seasonal strawberries.

Amaou Strawberry Pudding

Of particular note is the “Amaou Strawberry Pudding,” which is a variation of the signature “Smooth Pudding” menu item with “Amaou strawberries. The smooth pudding is layered with sponge, strawberries, and a generous amount of “Amaou” cream. The pudding is finished with a topping of “Amaou” sauce and “Amaou” strawberries. The richness of the pudding and the sweet and sour strawberries are a perfect match.

In addition, there will be a richer version of the “Amaou Strawberry Pudding” with more Amaou strawberries adorning the top.

Strawberry Pudding a la mode

The “Strawberry Pudding a la mode” is a voluminous dish with a cup of sponge, strawberries, whipped cream, and smooth pudding on top. Not only does it taste delicious, but it also has a striking visual appeal.

Strawberry pudding a la mode, 626 yen per piece

Strawberry shortcake and roll cake.

In addition, there will be “Strawberry Roll,” a moist sponge roll filled with gently sweetened condensed milk cream and juicy strawberries, and “Whole Strawberry Shortcake,” a simple strawberry shortcake that lets you enjoy the taste of strawberries to the fullest.

Whole strawberry shortcake: 648 yen per piece


Pastel’s Strawberry Sweets

【Sales Period】
■ Dec. 26 (Sun), 2021 – Feb. 14 (Mon), 2022
・Strawberry pudding a la mode, 626 yen per piece
・Strawberry roll, 1 piece, 1,620 yen
■ Jan 7 (Fri) – Jan 31 (Thu), 2022
・More Amaou Strawberry Pudding 680 yen per piece
■ Jan 7 (Fri) – Mar 31 (Thu), 2022
・Amau Strawberry Pudding: 518 yen per piece
・Whole strawberry shortcake: 648 yen per piece
【Store】 Pastel nationwide
【Store in Osaka】 AEON MALL Osaka Dome City