“Pastel has started selling Halloween sweets on October 1st!

  • 10/09/2021
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Pastel, known for its smooth pudding, has started to sell cute and unique Halloween products on October 1! Pumpkin, chestnuts, and purple sweet potatoes. Pumpkins, chestnuts, purple sweet potatoes… the tastes of autumn are all around us in October, and there are plenty of Halloween sweets to choose from! This year, in addition to the cup desserts, there will also be a luxurious pudding pie to enjoy all the flavors of autumn at once.

The best sweets to liven up the Halloween season

Creamy Magic Pumpkin

Pumpkin pudding topped with pumpkin cream, caramel sauce and pumpkin seeds. The sweetness of the pumpkin pudding and the pumpkin cream give this dish an autumnal feel. The caramel sauce and candied pumpkin seeds accentuate the dessert and bring out the Halloween spirit. The pumpkin pick with a smiling face is a cute touch that adds color to this dessert for the Halloween season.

540 yen / each

Halloween Night Chocolate

A rich chocolate pudding filled with marron cream, chestnuts and chocolate sauce. Raspberry puree is sandwiched between the chocolate pudding and the marron cream, giving it a rich yet slightly sweet and sour accent. This is a sweet treat to be enjoyed with chestnuts topped with raspberries. Please enjoy this dessert for the Halloween season.

540 yen / each

Halloween Pudding Pie (limited quantity)

This Halloween-only pudding pie is made with pumpkin pudding pie, purple sweet potato bavarois, sweetened chestnuts, chestnut bark, and pumpkin custard cream.

This pudding pie is a great choice for Halloween parties, as it offers a luxurious taste of autumnal flavors such as pumpkin and chestnuts, as well as a gorgeous appearance with Halloween colors. This is a sweet treat to add color to your home time snack or after dinner dessert time.

1,620 yen / whole

Smooth Purple Sweet Potato Pudding

The “Smooth Purple Sweet Potato Pudding” is available for a limited time only during the season when purple sweet potatoes are delicious. This sweet is made with purple sweet potatoes, a taste of autumn, to give you a sense of autumn. The sweetness of the purple sweet potatoes and the richness of the pudding make it a smooth pudding that you can enjoy in the depths of autumn. Please enjoy these autumn sweets only available at this time of year.

421 yen / each


Pastel Halloween Sweets

【Sales Period】 Oct 1 (Fri) – 31 (Sun), 2021
*Only Smooth Purple Sweet Potato Pudding will be available until November 30.
【Store】 Pastel Nationwide
【Official Web Site】 https://pastel-pudding.com/