People who want to feel joyful spring in Japan! Have a great day with these happy seasonal sweets!


Spring limited sweets and drinks from nana’s green tea. From February 15th (Wednesday) to March 27th (Monday), 2023, it will be sold at stores nationwide except for some.

Sakura & Strawberry Spring Limited Menu Appears

The spring limited menu “Sakura Strawberry Parfait”, which has an eye-catching cherry blossom and red color, is a parfait that imagines a gorgeous spring with cherry blossoms in full bloom. With cherry blossom cream and anko, strawberry sauce and ice cream, and fresh strawberries, you can enjoy a luxurious moment of blossoming.

Sakura strawberry parfait 1,250 yen

Soft serve ice cream on a rich “Sakura Anko” latte

“Sakura Strawberry Soft Cream Latte” is a latte made with rich cherry anko and topped with soft serve ice cream to express the refreshing arrival of spring. Whole strawberries are used for the strawberry sauce that allows you to enjoy the chewy texture. The slightly sweet cherry blossom latte is accented with refreshing soft serve ice cream and a sweet and sour strawberry sauce.

Sakura Strawberry Soft Serve Ice Cream Latte M790 yen / L890 yen

A greedy sweets drink that makes you feel like you’re eating daifuku

The “Sakura Strawberry Shiratama Latte” is a sweet latte with chewy rice flour dumplings and salted cherry blossoms that complements the sweetness of the latte.

Warm drinks emphasize the slightly fragrant cherry blossom flavor and have a soft and gentle taste. On the other hand, the cold drink brings out the fresh acidity of strawberries, creating a flavor that allows you to enjoy a refreshing and rich cherry blossom latte.

Sakura Strawberry Shiratama Latte M 720 yen / L 820 yen


Nana’s Green Tea Spring Limited Menu

【Sales Period】 February 15 (Wednesday) to March 27 (Monday), 2023
【Store】 Nana’s Green Tea stores
【Menu & Price】
・Sakura strawberry parfait 1,250 yen
・ Sakura strawberry soft serve latte M 790 / L 890 yen
・Sakura Strawberry Shiratama Latte M 720 yen / L 820 yen
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