Perfect for souvenirs! Check out the cookies made in collaboration with Sailor Moon!

“Morinaga Biscuit” and theatrical version “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Cosmos” collaborate. It will be released sequentially from the end of August 2023 in a special design package.

Morinaga Biscuit x Theatrical version “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Cosmos”

“Morinaga Biscuit” will team up with the movie version “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Cosmos” released in June 2023. Each package of “Morinaga Biscuit” is inspired by the image of the sailor warriors that appear in the movie “Shadow Galactica”, the final chapter of the “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon” series.

moonlight chocolate chip cookie

“Moonlight” from Eternal Sailor Moon

The lineup includes a total of 7 items of “Morinaga Biscuit” such as “Marie” from Eternal Sailor Mars, “Choice” from Eternal Sailor Venus, “Moonlight” from Eternal Sailor Moon, and “Black Moon” from Eternal Sailor Pluto and Eternal Sailor Saturn. .

Petit packs and galette sandwiches are also collaboration packages

In addition, the new “Moonlight Chocolate Chip Cookie”, which is scheduled to be released on Tuesday, October 10th, is a special design package depicting Eternal Sailor Chibi Moon. In addition to the development, the “Mini Moonlight Petit Pack” and “Mini Chocolate Chip Petit Pack” that can be enjoyed in bite-sized pieces will be available from mid-September, and the “Moonlight Galette Sandwich” and “Black Moon Galette Sandwich” with cream sandwiches will also be available in October. It will be released in a limited design package sequentially from the middle of the year.


“Morinaga Biscuit” x Theatrical version “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Cosmos”

【Release Date】 Released sequentially from late August 2023
【Item】 Marie, Choice, Moonlight, Chocolate Chip Cookie, Black Moon, Almond Cookie, White Chocolate Chip Cookie
【Price】 Open Price *White chocolate chip cookies will be on sale from August 22nd (Tuesday).

【Release Date】 Tuesday, October 10, 2023
【Item】 Moonlight chocolate chip cookie
【Price】 Open Price

【Release Date】 Transition from mid-September 2023 onwards
【Item】 Mini Moonlight Petit Pack, Mini Chocolate Chip Petit Pack
【Price】 Open Price

【Release Date】 Transition from mid-October 2023
【Item】 Black Moon Galette Sand, Moonlight Galette Sand
【Price】 Open Price *Black Moon Galette Sand will be on sale from October 10th (Tuesday).

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