Pinky Collection now available at Komeda’s Coffee Shop♪


Komeda’s coffee shop will start selling seasonal drinks and sweets with “Ruby Chocolat Sauce” as part of its “Pinky Collection” at Komeda coffee shops nationwide from March 16, 2022 (Wed).

Drinks and desserts with “Ruby Chocolate Sauce

Komeda’s coffee will offer pink-colored drinks and food using “Ruby Chocolat Sauce,” which is fun to look at and delicious to eat, for a limited time only. The highlight is the seasonal flavor “Pinky Berry Cronaige”. The “cronage,” a warm baumkuchen dessert topped with vanilla soft serve ice cream, will be available in a limited edition flavor only available now.

Pinky berry cronage

Warm baumkuchen with a hint of cocoa, topped with ruby chocolate sauce and a generous dollop of smooth vanilla soft serve ice cream. Topped with raspberry sauce and chocolate flakes, the baumkuchen is visually gorgeous. The fruity aroma and sweet and sour sauce fill the mouth with a refreshing harmony.

Pinky berry shake

The Pinky Berry Shake is a dessert drink that combines ruby chocolate sauce with soft serve ice cream. The drink is filled with a sweet and sour raspberry sauce and chocolate flakes that accentuate the texture.

Pinky Chocolat Wiener

In addition, the Pinky Chocolat Wiener, topped with fluffy whipped cream, is also available as a hot drink with a lovely pale pink color. The warm milk and the refreshingly sweet ruby chocolate sauce are a perfect match.


Komeda’s coffee “Pinky Collection”

【Release Date】 Mar 16 (Wed), 2022 *Limited quantities available, will end as soon as they are gone.
【Store】 Komeda’s coffee nationwide
【Menu & Price】 *Prices vary by store.
Pinky Berry Shake: 550 yen – 590 yen
Pinky berry cronage: 780-800 yen
Pinky Chocolat Wiener 560-600 yen

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