Pino Koku-Uma Caramel, a “rich” caramel ice cream made with fermented butter and rock salt, is now on sale!


The new ice cream “Pino Koku-Uma Caramel” is now on sale at convenience stores nationwide on a limited basis from September 14 (Tuesday), 2021.

New Flavor

The long-selling “Pino” series of bite-sized ice creams is now available in a new caramel flavor. Fermented butter is mixed into the caramel ice cream, and French Lorraine salt is used as a secret ingredient to enhance its sweetness.

By coating it with milk chocolate, the caramel, butter, and chocolate blend together to create a “kokuyami” flavor. You can enjoy the rich flavor of the caramel.


“pino Koku-Uma Caramel” 152 yen

【Release Date】 Sep 14 (Tue), 2021
【Store】 Available only at convenience stores nationwide