PIZZA-LA and Demon Slayer collaborate again! They’ve just released a collaboration pizza!


PIZZA-LA, a pizza delivery company, began selling its second “Demon Slayer Pizza Pack,” which includes original goods from the “Demon Slayer” animated TV series, at Pizza locations nationwide on March 3, 2022 (Thursday).

Four character-inspired pizzas on one sheet

The “Demon Slayer Pizza Pack” is a limited edition pack featuring an original M-size pizza with the image of the character, an originally designed acrylic figure, and a special sleeve.
The limited-edition goods are designed exclusively for Pizza Pizza and feature the image of the “Demon Slayer” characters working happily at the restaurant, including “Manager and Chef” Tanjirou, “Waiter” Giyuu, “Oven Keeper” Anjuro, “Waiter” Kanawo, “Delivery Clerk” Tengen, and a large group of “Demon Slayer” characters!

The original pizza is a quarter pizza that consists of four different pizzas, each inspired by a character. Tanjiro’s Charcoal Grilled Beef, which offers the flavor of juicy meat and the sweetness of sauce; Giyu’s Seafood Italiana, with the rich taste of shrimp, squid, and scallops; Anjuro’s Pizza Bulgogi, decorated with thread peppers like a burning flame; and various Tengen’s Pizza Cheese Lover,” which offers the taste of natural cheese, and four unique flavors on a single piece of the limited edition menu, offering a rich variety unique to the collaboration.
The special sleeve has a sugoroku on the reverse side, which allows you to enjoy unique themes based on the characteristics of the characters in the story. The “Demon Slayer Pizza Pack Complete Set,” which includes all five types of the second acrylic figure, an original pizza, and a special sleeve, will also be released at the same time!

Demon Slayer Pack 2,980 yen


Demon Slayer × PIZZA-LA

【Release Date】 Mar. 3 (Thu), 2022
【Official Web Site】

■ Demon Slayer Pizza Pack
【Pries】 2,980 yen (Tax included)
【Contents】 Original pizza M size 1 piece *You can choose the pizza dough.
One acrylic figure (total of 5 types, height approx. 10cm) *Character cannot be specified.
Special sleeve with backgammon

■ Demon Slayer Pizza Complete Pack
【Pries】 6,800 yen (Tax included)
【Contents】 Original pizza M size 1 piece *You can choose the pizza dough.
5 acrylic figures (5 types in total, approx. 10 cm in height) *Characters cannot be specified.
Special sleeve with backgammon

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