Plan your trip to Kyoto now for a special and luxury limited-edition parfait!


From Aman Kyoto, the early summer limited mango parfait “The Art of Mango” using mellow mango is now available. Available at The Living Pavilion by Aman from May 8th (Mon) to June 30th (Fri), 2023.

Aman Kyoto, limited parfait to enjoy mango with five senses

Aman Kyoto proposes a variety of creative and beautiful sweets that reflect the changing seasons. The new “The Art of Mango” is a limited edition parfait with an artistic look that looks like a shining mango trapped in a glass jewelry box.

The Art of Mango” 7,000 yen (with 2 types of savory and a drink)

Artistic layers reminiscent of works of art

Decorated with mango chips, candied skin, white chocolate, and gold leaf, remove the lid to reveal a tube of beautiful mango tuile that looks like petals. Inside, two types of homemade sorbet made from mango and Kamigamo herbs from Kyoto are softly wrapped in espuma using kotobiki salt.

In addition, various ingredients such as fresh fresh mango, smooth crème patisserie (custard), mango and lemon jelly, crumble that accents the texture, and sour fresh cheese fromage frais are layered in the glass. This completes a beautiful parfait reminiscent of a work of art. How about enjoying a parfait that you can enjoy with all five senses elegantly in the forest garden where the early summer sun shines down?


“The Art of Mango”

【Sales Period】 Monday, May 8, 2023 to Friday, June 30, 2023
【Hour】 15:00~ or 15:30 (1.5 hour system)
【Price】 7,000 yen (with 2 kinds of savory and drink)
【Place】 Aman Kyoto “The Living Pavilion by Aman” *Service charge included.
*Limited number per day. By appointment only.
*Guests staying at the hotel can order from 12:00.
【Reservation】 075-496-1335 or Online
【Official Website】