Pokémon is the star of ‘Misdo Lucky Bag 2022,’ available in limited quantities!

Mister Donut will release “Misdo Lucky Bag 2022” featuring “Pokémon” in limited quantities from December 26 (Sun.), 2021.

Pokemon in Misdo’s Lucky Bag!

In conjunction with Mr. Donut and Pokémon’s 2021 limited edition donuts, a limited edition 2022 grab bag featuring Pokémon characters will go on sale. In addition to Pikachu and Eevee, which were chosen as motifs for the limited edition doughnuts, there will be original goods featuring Piplup, Glaceon, Leafeon, Buneary, Pachirisu, and other Pokémon from the Nintendo Switch game “Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

Eco bag *No choice of design

Four types of Lucky Bags

There are four variations of Lucky Bag: 1,100 yen, 2,200 yen Lucky Bag , 3,300 yen, and 5,500 yen Lucky Bag. All of them feature a set of original Pokémon goods in multiple designs along with a donut voucher card according to the amount of money spent.

What is the best Lucky Bag?

One of the most recommended is the 5,500 yen luxury gift box. In addition to 50 donut voucher cards, the box is filled with “useful” items such as an eco-bag, calendar, zipper bag, pouch, masking tape, and a 2022 schedule book. The box also comes with a cute Pikachu cushion holding a donut, a must-have for fans.


Misdo’s Lucky Bag 2022 (Limited Quantity)

【Release Date】 Dec. 26 (Sun), 2021
*The start date and types of products will vary from store to store. Details are available on the website.
【Store】 All Mister Donut stores (excluding some stores)
【Lucky Bag Content】
・1,100 yen
Donut exchange card for 10 donuts, one of the eco-bags, one calendar
・2,200 yen
20 donut voucher cards, one of the eco-bags, one calendar, one zipper bag, one pouch
・3,300 yen
Donut exchange card for 30 donuts, one eco-bag, one calendar, one zipper bag, one pouch, one masking tape, one schedule book (2022 schedule book)
・5,500 yen
50 donut voucher card, one eco bag, one calendar, one zipper bag, one pouch, one masking tape, one scheduleon, one Pikachu cushion

*Donut exchange cards can be redeemed for donuts priced at 160 yen (tax not included) or less.
*Some stores may give actual products instead of donut exchange cards.
*Donut exchange cards can be used at all shops nationwide (except for some stores).
*Donut exchange cards are valid until May 31, 2022 (Tuesday).
*The type of goods cannot be specified.
*Donut exchange cards cannot be used for delivery services, Misdo Net Order, or on-site sales.