“Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon” and children’s clothing brand “mezzo piano” have collaborated on a new item!

In commemoration of the 30th anniversary of “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon,” Bandai’s Apparel Division will start accepting pre-orders for collaboration items with the kids’ brand “mezzo piano” at Bandai Apparel Store, Bandai’s official shopping site, and “mezzo piano” official online shop “Narumiya Online” from 10:00 on Tuesday, February 1, 2022. The items will also be available at mezzo piano stores from February 11 (Fri.), 2010.


A total of six items are now available, including items made from mezzo piano’s original “Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon” patterned fabric and apron ties with a sailor collar that allow you to become Sailor Moon.

[Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon]
Item Embroidery Docking Dress

16,280 yen

This docking dress features embroidery of Sailor Moon items from the past on the hem. The top is made of jersey cut-and-sewn material, while the skirt is made of dungarees. A pocket on the right side makes it perfect for going out.

[Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon]
Sailor collar apron tie

9,790 yen

An apron tie with a sailor collar so that even babies can become Sailor Moon. The star lace on the collar and hem is a key point, and since it can be worn for a long time until around two years old, it is recommended as a gift. With snap buttons around the stomach, it can be adjusted in two steps.

[Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon]
Total pattern docking dress

17,380 yen

This docking dress is made of mezzo piano’s original “Sailor Moon” patterned fabric. The pink and lavender blurred pattern is used as a base for the dress, which is emblazoned with familiar phrases and transformation items from the series. The top part is made of jersey cut-and-sewn fabric, making it easy to wear, making it a great piece for everyday use. With a pocket on the right side.

[Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon]
Sailor Collar Tunic & Leggings Set

18,480 yen

This tunic and leggings set features a pink and lavender blurred pattern with familiar phrases and transformation items from the past. The sailor collar and hem are decorated with lace stars for an added touch.

[Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon]
Rod Applique T-Shirt & Bloomers Set

17,380 yen

This set includes a T-shirt and bloomers for instant total coordination. The spiral heart moon rod used by Sailor Moon and the pink moon stick used by Sailor Chibi Moon are appliqued.
The frills on the hem are pleated for a costume-like finish. The bottom has an adjustable elastic waistband.

[Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon]
Drawstring tote bag with a pattern

This gorgeous tote bag has a pink and lavender blurred pattern as its base. The tote bag is made of mezzo piano’s original “Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon” patterned fabric, emblazoned with familiar phrases and items from the series of transformations. The pattern is the same as that of the clothes, but the material is satin for a more luxurious impression. The ribbon has a logo printed on it for a cute accent.


“Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon” × “mezzo piano”

【Reservation start date】 Feb. 1 (Tue), 2022
【Release date in stores】 Feb. 11 (Tue), 2022
【Online Store】 Narumiya Online, Bandai Apparel Store
【Store】 mezzo piano nationwide

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