Qu’il fait bon is celebrating its 30th anniversary with a monthly tart that’s only available in January!


To celebrate its 30th anniversary, Qu’il fait bon will release a new monthly tart, “Benihoppe and Sencha Tart from Shizuoka Prefecture,” at all Qu’il fait bon stores from January 1 (Saturday) to January 31 (Monday), 2022.

Shizuoka “Benihoppe” and sencha tea tart, whole (25cm), 9,180 yen *Takeout / To-Go price

A “Mt. Fuji”-inspired strawberry and sencha tea tart with “Benihoppe” strawberries from Shizuoka

The “Benihoppe and Sencha Tart” is a tart created by the staff of the Kiroufe Bon Shizuoka store. Fresh “Benihoppe” strawberries from Shizuoka Prefecture are lined up in a row, along with cream and jelly made with plenty of Shizuoka Sencha tea, to create a towering Mt.

The crispy baked tart is layered with sencha mousse and homemade strawberry jam, accented with orange sauce. The tart is filled with the charm of Shizuoka, with a perfect balance of the rich aroma of sencha tea and sweet and sour strawberries.

The tarts created by each KILLFEBON store are introduced in the order in which the stores are opened, changing monthly. The tart designed by the Shizuoka store will be followed by the one designed by the Hamamatsu store in February.

Shizuoka “Benihoppe” and sencha tea tart, 918 yen / piece *Takeout / To-Go price


Qu’il fait bon 30th: “Benihoppe and Sencha Tea Tart” from Shizuoka Store

【Sales Period】 Jan 1 (Sat) – 31 (Mon), 2022
【Store】 All Qu’il fait bon store
【Store in Osaka】 Grand Front Osaka
【Price】 Piece 918 yen / Whole (25cm) 9,180 yen