Qu’il fait bon’s Christmas cake for 2022 is a tree-shaped tart filled with “Strawberries & Shine Muscat”!

Qu’il fait bon, a fruit tart specialty store, is offering a Christmas cake for 2022, with reservations starting on Wednesday, October 5, 2022 at all Qu’il fait bon stores. Delivery will be from Wednesday, December 21 to Sunday, December 25.

Christmas tree-shaped tart filled with fruit

The best of the 2022 Christmas cakes is the ~Tarte Premier~ Christmas Tree Tart. The Christmas tree-shaped tart is generously decorated with strawberries and pine muscats. The base is made of slow-baked salted caramel-flavored almond cream and vanilla mousse. Original ornaments and gold-glittered cereal add to the festive mood.

~Tarte premier – Christmas tree tart W26cm x D25.5 cm / For 8-10 persons 13,176 yen

Christmas wreath-shaped tart

Also of note is the “Colorful Fruit Wreath Tart,” featuring a Christmas wreath motif. Smooth white chocolate-flavored custard is topped with brightly colored fruits and snowflake ornaments.

Colorful fruit rice tart 21cm / for 7-8 persons 8,100 yen

Bright red strawberry and cream cheese mousse tart

For strawberry lovers, we also recommend the “Brittany “Le Gard” Cream Cheese and Strawberry Tart. It combines bright red strawberries with a “Le Gard” cream cheese mousse reminiscent of pure white snow.

Brittany “Rougarre” Cream Cheese and Strawberry Tart 19cm / For 5-6 persons 7,344 yen

Strawberry and chocolate cream tart

The “Strawberry and Chocolate Cream Tart” also uses strawberries lavishly. The milk chocolate cream is layered with homemade strawberry jam and beautifully decorated with strawberries and snowflake ornaments.

Strawberry and chocolate cream tart 19cm / For 5-6 persons 7,344 yen


Qu’il fait bon’s Christmas Cake

【Reservation start date】
Wednesday, October 5, 2022 –
(Store) Grandmaison Ginza/Aoyama/Tokyo Skytree Town Solamachi/Yokohama
Wednesday, October 12, 2022 –
(Store) Shizuoka/ Hamamatsu/ Grand Front Osaka/ Kyoto/ Fukuoka/ Sendai
*The start date of acceptance differs depending on the store. The program will end as soon as the limited number is reached at each store.
【Delivery period】 December 21 (Wed.) – December 25 (Sun.)
【Reservations】 In-store and online (phone reservations not accepted)
【Official Website】 https://www.quil-fait-bon.com/