Qu’il fait bon’s limited edition Christmas tarts are on sale!


Qu’il fait bon, a fruit tart specialty store, will release a Christmas season limited menu tart from December 21 (Tuesday) to December 25 (Saturday), 2021.

Qu’il fait bon’s limited edition tart for the 2021 Christmas season

Strawberry Tart with White Chocolate Flavor and Chocolate Cream and Caramelized Almond Tart

Killefebon’s limited Christmas menu features a diverse lineup of nine different items at each store. The two most noteworthy are the “Strawberry Tart with White Chocolate Flavor,” a smooth white chocolate-covered custard filled with strawberries, and the “Chocolate Cream and Caramel Almond Tart,” which offers the rich taste of two types of chocolate cream. These are the new tarts for 2021 that will make your Christmas at home more festive.

Tart of “Kirapika” from Shizuoka Prefecture with white chocolate

This star-shaped tart, filled with strawberries from Shizuoka Prefecture and flavored with white chocolate, is available only at four stores nationwide.

Whole (27cm) “Kirapika” tart with white chocolate flavor – 11,340 yen (limited to Shizuoka, Hamamatsu, Grand Front Osaka and Kyoto)

A variety of tarts, including Mont Blanc-style and blueberry and rare cheese tarts

In addition, there is the “Marron Chocolat Tart,” which combines chocolate-covered almond cream with rich marron cream; the “Special White Chocolate Cream and Shizuoka Red Pepe Tart,” which is a special tart made with only large, well-formed Shizuoka red peppers. There is also a “Blueberry and Rare Cheese Tart,” which is a tart filled with rare cheese with a smooth texture and blueberries on top.


Qu’il fait bon 2021 Christmas Season Limited Edition Tart

【Sales Period】 Dec. 21 (Tue) – 25 (Sat), 2021 *No reservations allowed during the period, only sales on the day.
【Store】 All Qu’il fait bon Store
【Store in Osaka】 Grand Front Osaka Store