【Ramen of the day】 from Top 100 Stores in Kansai | Mensho Jikon

Every day we’ll give you one info on one of the best ramen shops out there! This time it’s Mensho Jikon in Moriguchi, Osaka! Located in Moriguchi City, Osaka Prefecture, about a 30-second walk from Takii Station on the Keihan Main Line.

Soup base is pork

The menu changes from time to time, but there are three basic types: soy sauce, salt, and miso. (Miso is no longer offered.) You first buy a meal ticket, all in Japanese. Basically, from the leftmost side, there is soy sauce, salt, and miso. Also, at the top is the special (topped with 3 pieces each of pork rare chuashu and chicken mune chashu). Below that is normal. (One piece each) The right-most row is for the dressed noodles and seasonal products. All are delicious, but the most popular is soy sauce. Tsukemen is also available.

The restaurant has only 6 seats, which is quite small, so be prepared to wait in line.

Special Soy sauce Ramen

The soup is a combination of pork bone and seafood and is very mild. The noodles are medium thick and have a sticky texture. Seasonal specials are also available, but we recommend trying this basic dish first!


麺匠 而今 (Mencho Jikon)

【Address】 6-16 Beniya-cho, Moriguchi-shi, Osaka
【Business Hour】 11;00~15:00 18:00~21:00
【Closed】 Tuesday