Ranking of sweets with “panda” motifs at Ecute Ueno

Here are the top five “panda gourmet” products available at Ecute Ueno, a commercial facility inside JR Ueno Station. We hope you will take a look at the wide selection of cute and visually appealing panda sweets for your souvenir selection.

No. 1 <YOKU MOKU> “Panda Petit Cigar” 1,080 yen (16 cigars)

The winner of the top prize was YOKU MOKU’s “Panda Petit Cigar. The tin depicting a “patissier panda” struggling to make cookies was filled with YOKU MOKU’s popular “Petit Cigar” cookie rolls. The unique and cute package can be used as a small container after eating.

Panda Petit Cigar” 1,080 yen (16 cigars)

No. 2 <Tokyo Hiyoko> “Twin Panda Custard” 151 yen (1 piece)

No. 2 “Twin Panda Custard” is a large oval pancake from Ansha Hiyoko, a long-established confectionery store by Tokyo Hiyoko. The dough filled with custard cream is branded with a heart shape along with an illustration of a Twin panda.

“Twin Panda Custard” 151 yen (1 piece) *Only at Ecute Ueno

No. 3 <La Branjulie Quignon> “Souvenir Set” 1,080 yen (5 pieces)

La Branjuli Quignon, a bakery from Kokubunji, Tokyo, took third place for its “Souvenir Set. The box with a panda motif was filled with a variety of soft and moist scones with fresh cream.

“Souvenir set” 1,080 yen (5 pieces) *Only at Ecute Ueno

No. 4 <Juchheim> “Panda Butter Cookies” 648 yen (12 cookies)

In fourth place is the “Panda Butter Cookie” from Juchheim, a sweets brand that mainly offers baumkuchen. It is an assortment of two kinds of “panda-shaped” cookies with the gentle flavor and sweetness of butter.

“Panda Butter Cookies” 648 yen (12 cookies)

No. 5 <Dolce Felice> “Petit Pound Panda” 1,450 yen (6 pieces)

In fifth place was the “Petit Pound Panda” from the sweets brand Dolce Felice, produced by the interior store KEYUCA. Two types of panda pound cakes and four types of fruit cakes, lavishly made with high-quality chocolate, are set in a special box depicting a panda.

“Petit Pound Panda” 1,450 yen (6 pieces) *Only at Ecute Ueno


Ecute Ueno

【Location】 3F inside JR East Ueno Station, 7-1-1 Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo; 2F outside ticket gates
【Phone】 03-5826-5600
*Hours of operation vary from store to store.
*Sales are based on the total amount of actual store sales from Saturday, October 1, 2022 through Monday, October 31, 2022.