Recommended heat protection goods in Japan

No matter where you are in the world, the summer heat is unbearable.
So, let me introduce you to some of the most popular and useful heat protection items in Japan.

Number 1 recommendation

Ice-Non Ice Non Soft
[Long lasting coldness 10 hours]

This one just needs to be chilled in the freezer! It does not freeze and remains soft, so it is very comfortable to use as a pillow. And what’s more, it stays cold for 10 hours, so you can spend the whole night in comfort. And what’s more, it’s priced at 808 yen on Amazon. This is a must buy.

Ice-Non Cool Ice Belt for Neck (1 cover + 2 gels)

This is another type of item that uses a refrigerant that is cooled in the freezer. This refrigerant will be hard, but there is no problem if you put it in the attached neck belt and use it around your neck. And this one is very good too! You will be amazed at how much you can relieve the heat just by cooling your neck. They are so popular that they often sell out, so be careful.

Popular among foreigners!

There are many types of deodorant body papers on the market anyway.Some are unscented, some are scented, some are disinfectant, and some are cooler than others. Of course, women can use body paper as well, but many body papers are made for men. For women, sweat wipes for the face that can be used without removing makeup are popular.

Super cool and refreshing ice type.
This one is iced citrus.

Super cool and refreshing ice type.
This one is iced fruity.

Super cool and refreshing ice type.
This one is freeze peach.

This is the type that keeps your skin silky smooth.
Soapy Scent

Biocore Deodorant Body Paper, Fragrance Free

Medicated acne care type face wash sheet

Refreshing Shower Sheet for woman Cool Type Citrus Cooler Fragrance

Happy Deo Face Sheet [Can be used over makeup] Refreshing mint

Deoco Body Cleanse Sheet
It’s a very popular product with great reviews!

Let’s have a good time in Japan’s hot summer, taking care not to get heat stroke!