Registration starts today! Hankyu Hanshin Hotels and Hankyu Taxi have collaborated to bring you cakes and French food from the hotel!

Hankyu Hanshin Hotels Co., Ltd. and Hankyu Taxi Co., Ltd. will launch a new service on Thursday, April 1, 2012, to deliver cakes made by the patissiers of Hotel Hankyu International and Osaka Shin Hankyu Hotel and non-alcoholic beverages served at French restaurants to customers’ homes by cab. A new service will be launched on Thursday.

Celebrate your special day at home!

Hankyu Taxi will deliver cakes and drinks from the hotel to add color to your celebration scene, so you can enjoy special occasions such as family birthdays and marital anniversaries safely at home. You can also purchase a set of paired lunch vouchers to be used at the hotel at a later date, which can be given along with the gift.


Happy Delivery by the TAXI

【Period】 Start from Apr 1 (Thu) – / Reservation start from Mar 29 (Mon)
【Menu & Price】
After selecting a cake from Hotel Hankyu International or Osaka Shin Hankyu Hotel (such as one that resembles a bouquet or a bouquet), you will be asked to choose one of the following
1) French cuisine at Hotel Hankyu International Hotel Hankyu International’s French restaurant.
Non-alcoholic grape beverages (red and white), From 8,000 yen
2) Paired lunch vouchers for later use (to be shipped later) from 14,000 yen
【Delivery Area】 Toyonaka City, Suita City, Ikeda City, Minoh City, Takarazuka City, Itami City, Nishinomiya City and all of Osaka City, etc.
【Delivery Fee】 From 2,200 yen
【Order】 Online