RINGO, a freshly baked custard apple pie specialty store, is now selling Valentine’s Day limited products full of chocolate!


RINGO, a freshly baked custard apple pie specialty store, has released a limited edition Valentine and White Day custard apple pie chocolate. It will be on sale for a limited time from January 15th (Sun) to March 14th (Tue), 2023!

“RINGO” Valentine’s limited apple pie full of chocolate

RINGO sells apple pies with a focus on their flagship product, Freshly Baked Custard Apple Pie, which combines crispy pie crust with rich custard cream and thick filling. This time, a limited flavor using chocolate will be added to the lineup for the Valentine & White Day season.

“Freshly baked custard apple pie chocolate” 520 yen

Plenty of rich chocolate custard filling

A pie wrapped in a filling that uses plenty of domestic apples with a good texture, and is filled with a cream that combines chocolate spread and custard made from French cacao mass. Topped with roasted almonds and chocolate coaching, the rich chocolate enhances the taste of apples.

New product “Fresh mille-feuille (chocolate)”

In addition, a new product “Fresh mille-feuille (chocolate)”, which is a mille-feuille layered with buttery dough and filled with chocolate custard cream, will be on sale for the same period only. It is a dish that allows you to enjoy the taste of chocolate more strongly and directly than “Freshly baked custard apple pie his chocolate”.

“Fresh millefeuille (chocolate)” 390 yen


“RINGO” Valentine White Day Limited Items

【Sales Period】 January 15 (Sun) – March 14 (Tue), 2023
*From February 7th (Tuesday) to February 14th (Tuesday), 2023, the heart-shaped “Fresh Millefeuille (Chocolate Heart)” will be on sale.
【Item & Price】
・”Freshly baked custard apple pie chocolate” 520 yen
・”Fresh millefeuille (chocolate)” 390 yen
・”Chocolate set box” 1,796 yen
【Store】 RINGO nationwide
*The Sakuramachi Kumamoto store does not sell mille-feuille.
【Official Website】 https://ringo-applepie.com/