SABON is now offering a Japan-exclusive “Tokyo Collection”!

SABON’s “TOKYO Collection” will become a regular line and go on sale on April 22 (Fri.), 2022.

SABON “Tokyo Collection” becomes a standard item.

SABON’s “Tokyo Collection,” which expresses the ancient and modern charms of Japan, is now available in Japan on a regular basis due to its popularity. The popular body care, bath care, fragrance, and other products that were released in limited editions in the past will return.

Includes “Clear Citrus Green” fragrance

The Tokyo Collection is a “clear citrus green” fragrance that fills you with a radiant sense of well-being. From the top notes of fresh lemon and green, the fragrance continues with clear jasmine and orange blossom, followed by soft and sweet heliotrope and musk, which overlap with time to create a pleasant harmony.

SABON “Tokyo Collection” Recommended Items

The lineup includes a wide range of items, from SABON’s standard “body scrub” to hair care, fragrance, and home care items.

Shower Oil TOKYO” is a shower oil that gently removes sweat and dirt from pores, leaving a fine lather that cleanses smoothly. Used daily during bath time, its clear citrus green fragrance will fill your bathroom and lead you to a refreshed mood.

Body Joule TOKYO, with its fresh and melting jelly texture, is a body moisturizing gel recommended for summer. It is non-sticky and has a light finish, yet provides moisture to summer skin that is prone to damage such as dryness caused by air conditioning.

Right) Body Joule TOKYO 200mL each, 4,620 yen each

Hand Cream TOKYO” is available for under 2,000 yen and makes a great small gift for friends and family. It is highly moisturizing, yet has a smooth texture that will leave your hands lightly moisturized.

Rihgt) Hand cream TOKYO 30mL each 1,540 yen each

Limited edition body care and fragrance kits are also available.

If you want to enjoy the SABON “Tokyo Collection” as a set, check out the limited edition coffret. The “Fusion Kit TOKYO,” which includes a shower oil, body scrub, and body jelly all in the “original size,” and the “Fragrance Kit TOKYO,” a hair mist and hand cream gift set, are available in limited quantities.

Right) Fusion Kit TOKYO 13,200 yen <limited quantity>


SABON “TOKYO Collection

【Release Date】 April 22 (Fri), 2022 – Japan limited standard release
Shower oil TOKYO 500mL 3,740 yen / 300mL 2,750 yen
Body scrub TOKYO 600g 5,390 yen / 320g 3,740 yen
Body Joule TOKYO 200mL 4,620 yen
Hand cream TOKYO 30mL 1,540 yen
Fusion Kit TOKYO 13,200 yen (limited quantity)
Set includes: Shower oil TOKYO 500mL, Body scrub TOKYO 600g, Body jelly TOKYO 200mL, Gift box TOKYO
Fragrance Kit TOKYO 4,400 yen <Limited quantity
Contents: Hair mist TOKYO 30mL, Hand cream TOKYO 30g, Wrapping bag mini TOKYO