Sakimoto, a specialty bakery specializing in fine breads, will be releasing a new bread, Mascarpone and Honey Bread, for a limited time only!


High-grade bread specialty store Sakimoto will release its new chiffon bread “Mascarpone and Honey Bread” for a limited time only from February 16 (Wed) to March 15 (Tue), 2022.

The new product is a chiffon bread with mascarpone and honey.

The “Mascarpone and Honey Bread” is a sweet bread made with two kinds of Hokkaido cheeses, giving it a smooth, chiffon-like texture.

The dough is made from the highest quality North American wheat, mixed with fine and fragrant cream cheese, mascarpone cheese, and brick honey. The dough is slowly baked to create a moist and fluffy texture, even on the ears.

Bread with mascarpone and honey: 1 loaf, 900 yen; 4 slices, 330 yen

When toasted, they are like “baked goods.

When toasted, the mascarpone and honey bread has a savory sweetness like that of a baked pastry and an elegant aroma of cheese. It can be served simply with butter, or dipped in asparagus for a luxurious French toast.


Bread with Mascarpone and Honey

【Sales Period】 Feb. 16 (Wed) – Mar. 15 (Tue), 2022
【Price】 1 loaf 900 yen, 4 slices 330 yen
【Store】 28 Stores Sakimoto
【Store in Osaka】 Osaka First Main Store / Osaka Abeno Store / Osaka Dojima Store / Toyonaka Romantic Street Store / Shinsaibashi Pop-up Store

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