Sakimoto, a specialty bakery specializing in high-grade shokuban, has a new limited-time offering, “Narutokintoki and Black Sesame Shokupan”!


From October 1 (Fri.) to 31 (Sun.), 2021, premium bread specialty store Sakimoto will launch new limited-time Shokupan (Bread) “Narutokintoki & Kurogoma no Shokupan (Bread with Narutokintoki and Black Sesame)” at its stores with limited quantity and advance reservation.

Narutokintoki & Kurogoma no Shokupan

“The “Narutokintoki and Black Sesame Bread” is a bread made with the sweet potato “Narutokintoki,” which is one of the sweetest sweet potatoes among the many varieties, kneaded into the dough.

The sweet taste of “Narutokintoki” and the savory black sesame give it an autumnal flavor.

The dough is made by combining the best North American wheat with fresh cream from Hokkaido, potato starch and cubes of “Narutokintoki” from Tokushima Prefecture, and black sesame seeds. The finished bread is recommended to be cut into four thick slices. The bread is recommended to be cut into four thick slices. If you dare to eat it without putting anything on it, the taste of crunchy “Narutokintoki” and fragrant black sesame will spread in your mouth.


Narutokintoki and Black Sesame Shokupan

【Sales Period】 Oct 1 (Fri) – 31 (Sun), 2021
【Reservation Period】 September 17, 2021 (Friday) – ends when the number of reservations is reached
【How to reserve】 Available at each store, by phone, through the official app and online store.
【Size】 1 loaf (width 120mm x height 120mm x depth 120mm)
【Store】 High Quality Breads at Sakimoto and Sakimoto Online Store
【Store in Osaka】 Osaka First Main Store / Osaka Abeno Store / Osaka Dojima Store / Toyonaka Romantic Street Store / Shinsaibashi Pop-up Store