Sakimoto, a specialty bakery specializing in premium shokuban, is releasing a new summer item, “Lemon, Rare Cheese, and Yuzu-Scented Shokuban,” for one month only!


High-grade bread specialty store Sakimoto will release new summer sweets bread “Lemon, Rare Cheese and Yuzu Scented Bread” from July 1 (Thu) to 31 (Sat), 2021.

“Moist, sweet bread like “rare cheese”

The “Lemon, Rare Cheese and Yuzu Fragrant Bread” is a sweet bread made with two kinds of citrus fruits, giving it a refreshing taste like rare cheese.

The dough is made from the highest quality North American wheat, egg yolks, and honey, and is mixed with fresh semi-dried lemon, candied Japanese yuzu, and cheese-like cream. The dough is baked slowly to create a moist texture.

When eaten as is, the citrus aroma fills your mouth and you can enjoy the refreshing taste. Also, by pouring honey on the bread, the natural sweetness is added to the citrus flavor, giving it a richer taste.


Bread scented with lemon, rare cheese and yuzu

【Sales Period】 Jul 1 (Thu) – Jul 31 (Sat), 2021
【Store】 SAKIMOTO stores specializing in high-grade bread
*Each store and store will also offer pre-orders through the official app or online store.
*Pre-orders will start on June 18, 2021 (Fri.). Pre-orders will be closed as soon as the number of pre-orders is reached.
【Price】 900 yen / loaf