Sanrio Puroland is currently holding “Purolo Halloween,” a limited-edition Hello Kitty show and limited-edition goods for “costume fun” for a limited time only!

Sanrio Puroland’s Halloween event, “Purolo Halloween,” is underway from Friday, September 9, 2022, through Tuesday, November 1, 2022.

“Trick or treat︕ themed Halloween event

Puro Halloween” is Sanrio Puroland’s Halloween event themed on the magic words “Trick or treat︕. Popular Sanrio characters will welcome guests by dividing them into the slightly dark “Trick Team” and the “Treat Team,” which will tempt them with delicious treats.

Hello Kitty vs. Dear Daniel’s New Show

The centerpiece of “Puro Halloween” will be a new show at the Fairyland Theater, “Let’s Trick or Treat! . Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel, dressed in new costumes, will be divided into “Trick Team” and “Treat Team” and compete in games and dancing.

Illumination show in Halloween colors

At Puro Village, the illumination show “Trick or Treat! Illumination” will be held at Pyuro Village. The entire venue will be colored in orange and purple to set the mood for Halloween.

Experience horror at the Vampire Butler Cafe

After Puroland closes, the restaurant at the pavilion will hold a “Vampire Butler Cafe: Broken Rules”. This is a horror café where “vampires entertain you” in collaboration with “Obaken,” which has handled numerous horror events, and “Chablanc Kagurazaka,” a mansion restaurant in Kagurazaka. The “Trick Course” and “Treat Course” offer different experiences and sweet menus, so you can enjoy the experience more than once.

Limited menu featuring the “Taste of Autumn

Also check out the limited Halloween menu featuring “autumn flavors. You can enjoy “Pumpkin Disguise ︕ Meatball Curry” with Pom Pom Pudding in costume, “Luxurious Handsome Sweet Potato Parfait” decorated with Kuromi motifs, and more.

Meatball Curry Disguised as Pumpkin 1,450 yen

Sanrio Character Goods for “Enjoying the Costume

If you visit “Puro Halloween,” be sure to get some goods featuring Sanrio characters who enjoy dressing up as witches, black cats, maids, and other characters. Key chains and hand towels featuring Hello Kitty and My Melody are lined up.

Key chain 935 yen each

The “MUCCLE DREAMY MACHE – Gather Around☆Dreamy Mate” will be performed again, this time in a Halloween version starting in October, and there will also be a meet and greet time with characters in Halloween costumes. A meet and greet time with characters in Halloween costumes will also be held.


Sanrio Puroland “Puros Halloween”

【Event Period】 Friday, September 9, 2022 to Tuesday, November 1, 2022
【Location】 Sanrio Puroland (1-31 Ochiai, Tama City, Tokyo)
【Official Website】