Shaved Ice with Original Jams at Sakimoto Bread Shop is Now on Sale!


The rainy season is coming to an end, and it’s getting hotter and hotter! Bakery Cafe Osaka First main store of high-end bread specialty store “Sakimoto” will start selling “Shaved Ice by Sakimoto” from July 1 (Thu), 2021.

Summer-only shaved ice with original “jewel jam”.

Sakimoto” is popular for its two signature breads with its unique aroma, sweetness, and crunchiness in the mouth, seasonal flavored breads, and various toast menus that you can enjoy at its cafe. This time, shaved ice using “Jewel Jam”, the handmade original jam of “Sakimoto”, will join the lineup as the summer menu only at Bakery Cafe Osaka Hatsu No.1 for a limited time.

Sakimoto’s Shaved Ice – Strawberry and Blueberry” 880 yen

A total of three types, including strawberry & blueberry and white peach & orange

There are three flavors in total. Strawberry and Blueberry” is made with strawberry puree and strawberry confiture, jewel jam “Blueberry Sapphire,” condensed milk, and topped with sweet and sour strawberries. mango puree and jewel jam “Tourmaline Lemon”, “Mango and Lemon” with mango pulp for a tropical taste, and “White Peach and Orange” with peach puree, jewel jam “Orange Topaz”, and Japanese white peach pulp. You can enjoy the taste of fruits and jams with different characteristics.


New Summer Menu: Sakimoto’s Shaved Ice

【Sales Period】 Jul 1 (Thu) – Sep 20 (Mon, Holiday)
【Price】 800 yen
【Place】 Sakimoto Bakery Cafe Osaka First Main Store
【Address】 2F, 2-3-18, Nambanaka, Naniwa-ku, Osaka City
【Hour】 11:00 – 18:00