Sheraton Miyako Hotel Osaka Christmas Cake, Stollen and Hors d’oeuvre Sets Now Available for Reservation!


Sheraton Miyako Hotel Osaka has started accepting reservations for four types of Christmas cakes, stollen and hors d’oeuvre sets to be sold at Café Belle, a café and gourmet store, from October 1, 2021 (Fri.).

Maison de Bonbon – House of Sweets

This year, four types of Christmas cakes will be available in limited quantities, including the “Maison de Bonbon – House of Sweets,” a house of sweets that can be decorated with various parts to your liking, such as a chocolate Santa Claus and a macaroon snowman. In addition, hors d’oeuvre sets recommended for Christmas parties are also available to make your family home party more exciting.

Product Lineup

Maison de Bonbon – House of Sweets – (Reservations required, limited to 60 units.)

This is a candy house that you can decorate to your liking with various parts, including a macaroon snowman. Inside the candy house is a strawberry and banana chocolate cake!

【Price】 6,500 yen
Candy house / height 15cm, width 11cm, depth 11cm
Chocolate Cake / width 8cm, depth 8cm

Fréjets (Reservations required, limited to 60 units.)

It is a gorgeous looking cake with mild custard cream and strawberries sandwiched between moist baked pistachio dough.

【Price】 8,000 yen
【Size】 Width 15cm, Depth 15cm

Noel Tree (Reservations required, limited to 100 units)

Decorated with macaroons and strawberries to resemble a Christmas tree. The base is a rolled cake with raspberry-flavored buttercream rolled up with pistachio dough.

【Price】 6,000 yen
【Size】 Diameter 10cm, Height 20cm

White Christmas (reservation required)

Smooth cream with condensed milk and strawberries are sandwiched between moist baked sponge dough.

【Price】 5,400 yen
【Size】 Diameter 15cm

Christmas Stollen

A traditional German baked good made of dried fruits and nuts mixed with spicy bread dough and baked. Slice it thinly and enjoy it with coffee, tea, or brandy.

S (13.5 cm, for 1 to 2 persons) 1,900 yen
M (23cm, for 4-5 persons) 4,300 yen

Christmas hors d’oeuvre set (reservation required, limited to 50 sets)

These hors d’oeuvres will make your home Christmas festive.
Recommended for Christmas parties with your family or close friends.

【Price】 11,000 yen
【Menu】 Smoked Lamb Backbone / Boiled Beef with Japanese Sauce / Salami and Mozzarella Cheese / Two Cheeses and Dried Fruits / Brioche / Smoked Atlantic Salmon / Saffron Terrine with Shrimp / Bacon and Spinach Quiche / Marinated Octopus Italian Style / Salmon Roe and Canadian Hoki Shells Salad / Pork tongue terrine / Shrimp escabeche / Grilled chicken / Chinese tuna / Fruit


Sheraton Miyako Hotel Osaka Christmas products

【Reservation Start】 Oct 1. (Fri), 2021
【Store】 Sheraton Miyako Hotel Osaka Mezzanine 2F Cafe & Gourmet Shop Cafe Belle
【Address】 6-1-55 Uehonmachi, Tennoji-ku, Osaka City
【Phone】 06-6773-5582
【Official URL】