Shiseido Snow Beauty’s 24-hour medicated whitening skincare powder is now available in a thin compact!

Shiseido’s “Snow Beauty” has released a “thin compact” “Snow Beauty Brightening Skincare Powder B (Quasi-drug). Pre-orders will be accepted from March 21, 2022 (Monday), and the product will go on sale in limited quantities from July 21 (Thursday).

Medicated whitening skincare powder for “24-hour use” comes in a thin compact size.

Shiseido’s “Snow Beauty” medicated whitening skincare powder is now available in a “thin” compact. In response to fans’ requests for a compact that is easy to carry around, the new product is now available in a slimmer form that can be easily placed in a pouch.

The powder has also evolved. As in 2021, it contains the whitening active ingredient 4MSK (*1), which prevents freckles and spots and instantly produces bright, translucent, beautiful skin.

What is great about this product is that it can be used not only as a finishing touch to makeup in the morning or as a makeup remover during the day, but it can also be added to the last step of your nighttime skincare routine to care for your bare skin. Snow Beauty” will keep your skin smooth and silky for 24 hours.

Representing the snowy landscape of Brussels

The 2022 compact is also themed on the snowy landscape of Brussels, Belgium, with delicate snowflakes like Belgian lace. In the past, Snow Beauty has proposed highly artistic designs based on the concept of “trapping snowflakes falling in the city in a compact.


Snow Beauty Brightening Skin Care Powder B (quasi drug) 7,150 yen <limited quantity
Snow Beauty Brightening Skin Care Powder B (quasi drug) Refill 4,400 yen <limited quantity
Snow Beauty Smooth Fit Puff N 770 yen

【Release Date】 Jul. 21 (Thu), 2022 *Limited quantity on sale
【Reservation start date】 March 21, 2022 (Monday) – in-store reservations
April 1 (Friday) – Shiseido’s comprehensive beauty website “watashi+”.

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