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From SHISEIDO’s “Snow Beauty”, “Snow Beauty Brightening Skin Care Powder A” (quasi-drug) and “Snow Beauty Brightening Hand Cream A” (quasi-drug) have appeared. It will be released in limited quantities from July 21, 2023 (Friday).

“Snow Beauty” 10th Anniversary! for special designs

“Snow Beauty” is gaining popularity every year as part of the “Medicated Whitening (*1)” series that can be used for 24 hours. In 2023, to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the birth of such “Snow Beauty”, we will design compacts and hand creams with the motif of successive “Snowflakes”. Attention is paid not only to the gorgeous visuals full of special feeling, but also to the “talented” finish.
*1=Suppresses the production of melanin and prevents spots and freckles.

Medicinal whitening skin care powder

First, check out the skin care powder “Snow Beauty Brightening Skin Care Powder A,” which is gaining popularity every year. The powder, which can be used 24 hours a day for finishing makeup or retouching makeup during the day and for bare skin care at night, is not powdery and gives a soft and transparent feeling. In addition to preventing rough skin and acne, it also has a whitening active ingredient that prevents spots and freckles, and a moisturizing ingredient that adds moisture to the skin.

Snow Beauty Brightening Skin Care Powder A (quasi-drug) 25g 6,500yen [Limited Quantity]

Furthermore, when you open the gorgeous compact, an embossed image of “fireworks” will appear, making it a special anniversary specification. In addition to the dedicated amulet pouch, it also comes with two types of puffs that can be used for daytime/nighttime.

Medicated whitening hand cream

On the other hand, “Snow Beauty Brightening Hand Cream” is a medicated whitening hand cream that leads to skin that is as transparent as snow. Not only does it give you one-tone brighter skin, but it also corrects pores and unevenness, adding luster and transparency. In addition, a veil containing moisturizing ingredients wraps up to the fingertips, keeping the finish full of moisture for a long time.

Snow Beauty Brightening Hand Cream A (quasi-drug) 40g 2,200yen


・Snow Beauty Brightening Skin Care Powder A (Quasi-drug) 25g 6,500yen / Refill 25g 4,000yen
・Snow Beauty Brightening Hand Cream A (quasi-drug) 40g 2,200 yen

【Release Date】 July 21, 2023 (Friday) Limited quantity release
【Store】 Drugstores and cosmetics departments nationwide
【Official Website】