SK-II will release a skincare set including its best-selling lotion and emulsion that leads to “clear skin” and a New Year’s coffret for 2023!

SK-II’s New Year’s cosmetics “2023 New Year Special Trial Kit” will be released in limited quantities on Sunday, January 1, 2023.

SK-II 2023 New Year Special Trial Kit 10,890 yen

A grab bag to try SK-II’s best sellers

To celebrate the New Year 2023, SK-II has launched the “2023 New Year Special Trial Kit,” a grab bag of SK-II products. The star of the kit is the actual bottle of the best-selling “Facial Treatment Essence” lotion. Pitera Essence,” as it is commonly known, has been in existence for 42 years and is characterized by its ability to maintain the skin’s natural health and lead to clear, translucent skin. Not only can it be used regardless of age or skin type, but it also approaches each individual’s skin problems with a variety of effects.

The coffret also includes a wipe-off lotion “Facial Treatment Clear Lotion,” a facial cleanser “Facial Treatment Cleanser,” a serum emulsion “Skin Power Airy” for firm, supple skin, and a moisturizing mask “Facial Treatment Mask” in mini sizes. Facial Treatment Mask, a moisturizing mask. Try SK-II’s popular items to moisturize dry winter skin.

SK-II 2023 New Year Special Trial Kit 10,890 yen


SK-II 2023 New Year Special Trial Kit 10,890 yen

【Release Date】 Sunday, January 1, 2023
【Reservation Start】 Thursday, December 1, 2022
【Set Contents】
・Facial Treatment Essence (toner) 75m
・Facial Treatment Cleanser (facial cleanser) 20g
・Facial Treatment Clear Lotion (wiping lotion) 30mL
・Skin Power Airy (beauty emulsion) 15g
・Facial Treatment Mask (moisturizing mask) 1 sheet
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