Slime-shaped Uirou, “Slime Uirou” is now on sale in limited quantities! If you’re outside of Nagoya, hurry on over to our online store!

Not exactly Osaka information… but it’s just too cute not to share with you!
A long-established Japanese confectionery store in Nagoya, Aoyagi Sohonke, has collaborated with the popular game “Dragon Quest Walk” to produce “Slime Uiro,” a Japanese confectionery that will be available from March 12 (Tuesday) to May 31 (Tuesday), 2022, at Aoyagi Sohonke directly-managed stores, Nagoya City department stores, Nagoya Station KIOSK, Central Japan International Centrair Airport and shopping centers in Nagoya City.

*Uiro (gairo) is a steamed confectionery and a type of Japanese confectionery.

Realistic reproduction of “souvenirs” from the game!

The “Slime Uiro” is a realistic reproduction of a souvenir (Uiro) that can be obtained by visiting the landmark Atsuta Shrine in the “Dragon Quest Walk” game. When you open the package, you will see three cute-looking original UIRO (UIRO rice crackers).

Slime Uiro (3 pieces per box): 864 yen

There are three flavors in all!

In addition to Aoyagi Sohonke’s standard Uiro flavor, the set includes the collaboration’s limited edition mandarin orange and kiwi flavors. (Just as a cheat…you can also buy them at the online store.) The colorful appearance of the flavors is also appealing, as the flavors are made with “no synthetic coloring,” but still utilize the colors of the ingredients. It looks like slime (?). We hope you will take the time to enjoy the chewy texture as well.


Slime Uiro (3 pieces per box): 864 yen

【Sales Period】 Mar. 12 (Tue) – May 31 (Tue), 2022
【Store】 Aoyagi Sohonke directly-managed stores, department stores in the city, Nagoya Station KIOSK, Central Japan International Airport Centrair, shopping centers in the city, etc., Aoyagi Sohonke official online site (from March 12 (Tue.) 10:00), etc.
*Sales start at each store in Aichi Prefecture from the opening time.
*Limited number of items sold per day for both online and in-store sales. Sales will end as soon as they run out. (Scheduled to arrive daily).
*A maximum of three per person per order is available on the official Aoyagi Sohonke online website.

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